The old restaurant

Jimmy and Nick, 1981

At the old restaurant, 1979

About Eviva Taverna ...

For those of you who are new to Eviva Taverna or are interested to know more about our history, this page will take you back to our humble beginnings and then bring you all the way up to the present day.

Eviva Taverna was first opened in 1973 on Victoria St in Hockley, in the heart of Nottingham City Centre. It was the first Greek resaurant in the Midlands and attracted people from all the surrounding areas because of it's unique atmosphere.

Since the beginning Eviva has hosted Greek dancing, live music, plate smashing and traditional Greek music and it continues to showcase traditional Greek acts. The present owner, Nick, is a highly proficient Greek dancer and has even appeared on TV demonstrating his skills.

In 1997 Eviva moved to it's present location on Barker Gate in the Lace Market and it is still run by the same family who have been managing the restaurant since 1978. The original atmosphere and service are still maintained to this day and you are assured of a warm welcome and an enjoyable stay.

In addition to the great food and warm, friendly service, Eviva Taverna hosts various nights that allow you to experience the culture of Greece and Cyprus. As well as the ubiquitous Greek dancing there is also belly dancing. For more information about these events see our Events page.

Nick with his wife Amanda, 2009

Nick in traditional Greek costume

Jimmy and Nick, 1998

Staff, 1985
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